Born Bathing | Body Lotion in Hella Hydrating

Born Bathing | Body Lotion in Hella Hydrating

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Hella Hydrating Body Lotion - Sweetgrass, Fennel, Bergamot, Vetiver.

Enrich and invigorate your body while inhaling grace and exhaling peace with this Hella Hydrating Body Lotion. Infused with aromatic essential oils and astral energies, this deeply hydrating calming formula rejuvenates skin health, improves texture and gets skin glowing again while empowering self-care, awareness and mental clarity. 

Scent: Sweet herbaceous floral, grassy top notes, anisic heart notes in a citrus green earthy base.

Astral energies: Venus (Loving), Mercury (Harmonizing), Sun (Vitality)


  • Contains bio-active Limone which relieves muscle and joint pain.
  • Antioxidants stimulate cell rejuvenation for smoother softer nourished skin.
  • Natural astringents purifiy and tone.
  • Free of Synthetic Fragrance, Sulfates, Paraben, and Phthalate
  • Unisex. Gentle enough for daily use.

Made in the United States.