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The Travels of Babar

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"The world's most famous elephant triumphs again in Jean de Brunhoff's second picture book, The Travels of Babar. This beloved classic has been translated into eighteen languages and has never been out of print since its first appearance in 1934.

"While on their honeymoon, King Babar and Queen Celeste experience, in rapid succession, a ballooning accident, an attack by savage cannibals, and a rescue by a famous animal trainer. And back in Celestville, things are no better: Rataxes the rhinoceros has declared war on the peaceful elephants.

"Renowned author-illustrator Maurice Sendak once wrote, 'My favorite among Jean's books, The Travels of Babar is full of alarming and amusing twists of fate. . . This is a tour de force of composition. . . No one before, and very few since, has utilized the double-spread illustration to such dazzling, dramatic effect."