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"Ruffage is a return to real cooking, grounded in vegetables—the ways we eat now. In this insightful and enchanting cookbook, new flavors, textures, techniques, and ways to enjoy all the vegetables you want to eat are revealed by chef and former farmer Abra Berens.

"This is the first major collection of vegetable-forward recipes from a Midwestern perspective. In places with dramatic seasons, like Midwestern United States, most vegetables are in their prime for only a short window, so farmers and cooks know which to use up immediately and which cellar beautifully to taste great all year.

"Wherever you are, the deep knowledge shared in Ruffage helps you make the most of vegetables. Not only a terrific resource, with more than 300 recipes written in Beren's uniquely succinct style—recipes to delight new and experienced cooks—this book is also a veritable treasure trove of ideas, with hundreds of illustrated variations adding a layer of learning and inspiring to more than 80 recipes for 29 different types of vegetables, more then 230 variations, more than 30 recipes for go-to pantry staples that elevate any vegetable or dish.

"Beyond the recipes, you'll find evocative storytelling to open each chapter and photography that convey the seasons, the rugged beauty of Michigan farm country, and mouth-watering recipes. Here, Berens shares her philosophy of eating, personal journey to food, and connection to farming."  

Written by Abra Berens.