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Abode: Thoughtful Living With Less

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"The yearning for a life of pared-down purity has built to a roar, and Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter—the husband-and-wife owners of General Store, one of California's most talked-about shops—are at the forefront. In their first book, Abode: Thoughtful Living With Less, these tastemakers make a graceful case for living better no matter your budget or abilities, guiding you to create a space that is simple and true. Their time-tested methods establish interiors that maximize openness, strip a building back to its bones, and amplify natural light, evoking unpretentious tranquility. The blueprint for their signature aesthetic is all here: the embrace of elemental materials, such as wood and stone; curation of handcrafted objects with an eye to utility; and collection of furnishings from eras when craftsmanship was king. As Serena says, 'Materials are at their best when simple and true.'

"This selection of Mitnik-Miller and St. Peter's greatest collaborations will take you through their breathtaking rooms. The book includes the San Francisco General Store, whose artisanal wares shine against exposed wood beams and industrial concrete floors, and a residence on the Great Highway starring an organic oak and elm live-edge stairwell. Their own 1927 crooked cabin in the wilds of Topanga Canyon is also featured; once a fixer-upper, now it's a masterpiece of warm minimalism, with whitewashed floors and a redwood facade amid verdant surrounds. Filled with more than 150 photographs and practical step-by-step instructions, Abode is a window into the couple's process and a guide to creating your own beautiful interiors."