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Every Day Is Saturday

Every Day Is Saturday

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"You know that feeling you have at the start of the weekend? Call it joy, elation, purposefulness; it is as if, removed from the routines and schedules of the working week, anything is possible. Wouldn't  you like to bring this sense of possibility—and care—to every meal you eat during the week?

"Welcome to EVERY DAY IS SATURDAY, a practical guide to having the weekend-cook mentality all week long. It was born of Sarah Copeland's own hectic life while working as food director for Real Simple magazine, a life of very few delicious, sustaining, home-made meals.

"In her working life, Copeland was dispensing strategies and tips to home cooks to help them up their cooking game and get great meals on the table. To make this happen for her family, she learned to use the weekend to feed and nurture her soul, and her family, for the whole week. You can, too. EVERY DAY IS SATURDAY will inspire you to put a good meal on the table every night; with ease, with grace, without dialing. 

"EVERY DAY IS SATURDAY brims with inspiration, including tips for planning, shopping, and organizing the habits that help you place delicious, healthful, sustaining food front and center in your lives. More than 100 beautiful recipes cover every course, from breakfast to dessert, with dishes for potlucks and dinners with friends. Every recipe is simple, and many can be repurposed in several ways or made with whatever vegetable you have (or are trying to use up).

"This cookbook features make-ahead breakfasts (Leftover Brown Rice Breakfast Porridge), work lunches (Green Goddess Salad Bowls), and boards (Hungarian Snacking Tray)—the most casual meals—as well as the main-course stunners for when you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner with all the fixings: The Family Waffle, Sunday Sauce, or Magic Pork Shoulder.

"Strategies and recipes for weekend cooks have never been more delicious." 

Written by Sarah Copeland.