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The Story of Babar

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"In 1931, the noble elephant who found his way to town—where he acquired a smart green suit and a bowler hat—made his debut in Paris in Jean de Brunhoff's picture-book classic The Story of Babar.

"Now, over 70 years later, millions of children have cried as the brave little elephant escapes from the wicked hunter who killed his mother, laughed as he rides the department store elevator up and down (and up and down!), and cheered his return to the forest to be crowned King of the elephants.

"Babar and Celeste, the Old Lady and Cornelius, all have become a nostalgic part of the American literary landscape. Yet each new generation, finding the books for the first time, is immediately drawn in by the directness of the text and the elegant use of line and color in the art. 

"Long live King Babar!" 

Translated from French by Merle S. Haas.